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Now available on Steam

Guidelines for posting videos, live broadcasts, and images of the game "YONESAWARA HOSPITAL".
The following guidelines apply to both corporations and individuals. 

1. Videos and live broadcasts of "YONESAWARA HOSPITAL" are available for commercial and non-commercial use.
2. All scenes in the game can be submitted.
3. Still images taken in the main story, Exploration mode, and camera function may be posted and processed for non-commercial use only.
4. Prohibits the sale of still images taken with Exploration mode and camera function.
5. Prohibition of posting on sites that are offensive to public order and morals, or that mislead people about the contents of the game.
6. For closed distribution, such as membership distribution and members-only distribution.  Yes, it is possible.
We would appreciate it if you could just give us your feedback. (Please note that this is not always possible.)
7. We would appreciate it if you could add the hashtag #YONESAWARAHOSPITAL.

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